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Derrick the Oiler showed up on campus in 2001 and is currently attending The University of Findlay but has zero intentions of graduating anytime soon because he loves this place and the students who make UF what it is!

Derrick is always walking around UF because he thinks he owns this school. Derrick is a double major in school spirit and pride with a double minor in sports awareness and dance. In his free time Derrick likes to dig for oil, help little old ladies cross the street, hangs out with the UF athletic teams and blog to the UF community. Derrick doesn’t talk but he sure does have a lot to say!

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Oilers Summer Bucket List

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10th May

It’s here and happening right now: SUMMER!

To most of OilerNation, summer means classes are over and campus feels like a ghost town. Summertime is a phrase that just sounds like easy-living with nothing to do and all day to do it. The long lazy days, beach weather, ice hitting your glass, watermelon, camp fires, traveling, sand between your toes, fireworks, BBQ, swim suits, and flip flops come to mind when I think about summer.

So what are you doing this summer? Got any big plans? If you said no, I’ve got you covered with a summer bucket list! A list of 20 ideas to add to your summer fun. Are you game? Let’s see how many you can do.

Have a water balloon fight! Depending on who’s playing, make sure you hide a squirt gun under your clothes, just in case!
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Oiler Randomness at UF

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9th April

This week’s blog has a little change of pace. I dipped into our archive
of pictures and found some that I wanted to share with you. These
pictures really help to explain how awesome UF is and how random
my life is!

Classic Findlay hat from way back when.

This is my pre-jump pose.

My weekly meetings with Dr. Fell always start like this.


How many fingers do you see?

Photobomb. Level: Anger

Pole vaulting. You’re doing it wrong.

Photobomb. Level: Ghost

Not sure if they are getting ready for class or Geishas.

Showing the new students how to Dougie!

This is the reaction you get while you’re watching me dance!

When you see it…

Another reaction from my wicked dance moves!

Sleeping during class or a trigger finger on the camera?

I’m a little tea pot…

Gotta keep UF looking good!

“Derricking” on campus!


No, my roommate isn’t here right now…wink, wink.

That rail just showed up out of nowhere!

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College Life = COFFEE

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1st March

Guys/Girls + College Life = COFFEE!

I’m sure you know at least one, or 17, coffee drinkers around campus. You know me, so maybe 18 then! The college life demands coffee, and students will get it any chance it’s accessible to them. You’re probably enjoying a cup right now, aren’t you?

Coffee is just different. You know the smell when it hits your nose. It’s a drink that you either love or hate. I’ve heard students and professors say that’s the first thing on their minds when they wake up. Love it or hate it, I’ve got some facts about coffee that you may not have known about.

Bush or Tree?
Whichever you call it, the coffee bean does not just grow off a bush/tree by itself. One coffee bush/tree can yield as much as one pound of … Read More »

Things That Make You Go: Mind = Blown

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11th February

I’m sure that you’re out there in the social media world in some way, shape or form. I know I am! Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and YouTube are just a few. Social media is not a fad, not even close; it’s simply a common means to communicate. Like when you see a friend’s computer sitting there, all alone (you know where I’m going with this!), and deserted, and their Facebook page is open. That social media world is at the mercy of your fingertips! So naturally, you can’t help but type out how awesome you are and how lucky that friend is to know you!

Did you know there are over a billion users on Facebook today? That’s crazy! If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest and twice the size of the U.S. population! In fact, … Read More »

Questionable Trending. Still Warmer Than a Hoodie.

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30th January

It’s been so cold that my felt is freezing! Why am I still seeing students walking around campus in just a sweatshirt? I’ve even seen shorts and skirts! Come on Oilers! We need to dress smarter, stay warm and keep Oiler Nation healthy! However, if you insist on not bundling up, I’ve come up with a list of products that may be questionable trending choices, but at least you’ll be warm!




Texting Gloves

These are arm-length gloves with a flap that you can pull back to free up your fingers to text. They aren’t for me, because my arms are made of felt and I can’t custom order three finger gloves either. Anyway, you have access to your fingertips at anytime and they will keep your forearms warm too! Perfect for cold classrooms when you’re taking notes or typing.






Since you all have … Read More »

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