Thanksgiving Break = Study Time

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. For most of us its time to relax, hangout with friends, and start shopping for Christmas with available deals on Black Friday. But the other side of Thanksgiving is it sets the stage for final exams for students. For most of us, it’s a crucial time to catch up on assignments and readings in order to prepare for finals. So I assume that apart from having a big feast on Thursday, most of our attention will be on preparing for finals over the weekend. I hope it has been a successful semester for everyone so far, but I understand that may not be the case for every student. So here are 3 tips for getting back on your feet:


1) Play hard Work hard!

You’ve got full days during this thanksgiving break to do what you want. Remember though, when school returns we will be getting down to crunch time. If you’ve fallen behind on the semester’s work, you can use this time to get yourself back to pace.

2) Prioritize study time

Thanksgiving break is a nice time to figure out what in our plans worked, what didn’t and what we could do to improve further. Also it’s a great time to figure out final schedules (if you have not already), study spaces and study plans. Some like to study in groups while others prefer to study alone in library. So depending upon your preference, we have many places on campus where one can study. Some of my favorite places are the AMU,  Shafer Library and George House Coffee.

3) Ask for help, if you need to!

If you are still uneasy or unsure about how your semester is going, this is definitely the time to reach out to your professors, teaching assistants and advisors. If you have not done so, it’s still perfectly fine to find out about your class grades and see what your professors’ expectations are of you. Depending on your performance, you could also speak to your advisers about steps you should take for the rest of the semester. It could be for academic difficulties,  over-involvement, etc. The point is to work together to find a solution to whatever problems you may be facing.

So I hope you take this Thanksgiving period to re-energize for the last push of the semester. Remember: it is never too late to turn things around for worse or (preferably) better!! Good luck!
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