One word to describe me would be diversity. Being born in India and coming to the United States at an early age has been a life changing experience for me. Initially, I came as a high school exchange student. That experience helped me in preparing myself for my challenging journey as an international student at Cleveland State University. During my years there as an undergrad, I engaged in many activities, starting from being a student government leader to taking up yoga classes. These opportunities matured me as a person and helped me in assimilating into another culture. I enjoyed sharing experiences with fellow students, both domestic and international.

After my undergraduate degree, I came to Findlay to pursue a graduate degree in environmental safety and occupational health management. Among all the places I have lived in the span of 6 years, I find Findlay to be the most harmonious place to live in. I’ve enjoyed attending campus events like Comedy Jam and movies sponsored by our student government. Participating in those events helped me in knowing our university and the students better. Apart from these activities, I appreciate the helpful nature of my professors who are willing to encourage me in turning my interest into reality. The international community at Findlay is very diverse and engaging.

Through this blog, I hope to serve as an informative bridge between international and our regular students as I share my experience as an international graduate student at UF.

Thanksgiving Break = Study Time

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22nd November

Thanksgiving is around the corner. For most of us its time to relax, hangout with friends, and start shopping for Christmas with available deals on Black Friday. But the other side of Thanksgiving is it sets the stage for final exams for students. For most of us, it’s a crucial time to catch up on assignments and readings in order to prepare for finals. So I assume that apart from having a big feast on Thursday, most of our attention will be on preparing for finals over the weekend. I hope it has been a successful semester for everyone so far, but I understand that may not be the case for every student. So here are 3 tips for getting back on your feet:

1) Play hard Work hard!

You’ve got full days during this thanksgiving break to do what … Read More »

A Change in the Weather

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8th November

India has only three predominant seasons — they are the summer season, rainy season and winter season. The summer months last from about March to June, the rainy season stretches from June to October and the winter season remains in India from November to March. Various climatic factors are responsible for the seasonal changes in India. The monsoon season brings heavy clouds drenching most parts of India. In a country like India where the summer is very hot, it is natural for the people to wish for the arrival of rain.  In the summer season, most parts of India are scorched with sweltering heat, but the Indian winter is usually mild and enjoyable.

When I moved to Findlay, I was amazed to find its seasonal changes. One of the first things I noticed upon reaching here was how everything is flat … Read More »

Celebrating Away From Home

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17th October

India, world’s largest democracy, is rich in cultural heritage and is also known as the land of festivals. India celebrates festivals every month in one or different parts of the country. The country unites while celebrating the festivals irrespective of religion, region, caste and color. Amongst many, two of the most significant and popular festivals celebrated in India are Diwali and Holi.

*      DIWALI CELEBRATION = “Festival of Lights”

The famous Hindu festival Diwali, is celebrated for five days and represents the commencing of New Year according to Hindu religion. Every year Diwali is celebrated either in the month of October or November. The occurrence of the festival depends on the cycle of moon. Diwali is celebrated in honor of the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana. The day of beating Evil king Ravana and rescuing Mata Sita is celebrated … Read More »

Back to some of my favorite campus spots!

25th September

That back to school feeling always feels amazing! It doesn’t matter whether you are a freshman or a graduate student — we all understand the excitement of going back to school during that first week. I was happy to come back to campus; it gave me a completely new vibe and energy.

        It feels great to be back on campus! Our campus is very well laid out, and it’s easy to find many things to do. For me, the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) is the best place to hang out. It is considered the student lounge on our campus, so one can find many student related activities happening there on a daily basis. Since I am an avid coffee lover, I usually spend most of my time inside the Cave, a cafe in … Read More »

Welcome to College Life!

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26th August

That back to school feeling is always amazing for students; it doesn’t whether they are new students or graduate students. I love going to school and part of me always gets excited when fall semester is about to start. There are many reasons behind my happiness, but one of the big reasons is I will be able to study new subjects which I wouldn’t have studied before.  Also, I will have opportunities to interact with new students.

UF has grown a lot over the years; it doesn’t matter whether it’s in terms of growing student body or its many recognized programs. But from my perspective it has also grown in diversity. Since I am an international student, I get good vibes when I walk around the AMU and see students of different ethnic cultures studying or talking with each other. This shows … Read More »

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